I was mentally and physically abused by my dad from when I was born, until I was 16 when I finally stood up to him and sent him packing.

I started smoking weed at the age 16 because I wanted to numb the pain, hurt and anger.

I then continued without getting help because I didn’t want to face anything that had happened, as I thought I was okay. In between these years I contemplated suicide and went to the edge of a cliff to do it, but seeing a text from my mum stopped me from doing it.

Fast forward to 25 years old and I had a recent breakdown and tried to jump out of a window to end the pain and hurt. I am now on medication for my mental health conditions & I’m going to start counselling.

My advice is never ever give up! Even on the days you want to end it all or disappear. Please persist because life does get better. Even having CPTSD and anxiety and depression or anything like that, you can still live!

There’s always a reason to continue. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find a reason but there will be one! I am proud to be a survivor and I hope my story makes you feel strength and courage and helps you to become the best version of yourself!