I really don’t know what is going on with my mental health.  What I do know is I’ve got a good heart and I want to do my best.  Only possible if I stay away from drink and drugs.

When I do that I can focus and get things done.  My problem isn’t that I can’t do it.  It’s that I get scared and overthink things way to much.

Scared of situations but more scared of myself and what happens when I crack under pressure.  I end up destroying everything positive around me and end up in prison.  I am not a prison kind of guy so even more of a train wreck having been there twice.

Anxiety YES – Catastrophising YES – Self destruction YES – Traumatic memories of my mum being slashed and battered YES.

Got an A++ In The School of Life. Stubborn enough not to give up on finding peace and stability in a self made circus of a journey called life 🤷

🎯 DETERMINED will and genuine heart felt belief that balance and peace of mind can be achieved, with effort and sometimes a bit of blind faith ✍️🌅

Hard working and optimistic with a positive outlook and a deep desire to help others ❤️‍🔥

Chaotic childhood 🚓 – Bullies – 🚷 – Domestic violence 💥 – Drink 🥂 – Drugs 💊 – Gambling 🤦 Attempted suicide 🚓 – Rehab 🫂 and Prison 👮 have all given me an insight and character that is resilient and understanding to many of the consequences of addiction 👊

This I hope will help me to help others avoid as much of that as possible and stay on track. Or take the first steps towards sobriety 🙏

⭐Good Points⭐
🌈 Was 7 years clean and sober before relapse
🎊 1y 5m 18d sober (at the time of writing this bit) 📅 15/07/22
🏋️ Ran successful PT business
🥗 Qualified nutritionist & Chef
🙌 Health & life coach
🤗 Personable
😁 Friendly
🤩 Genuine
👊 Trustworthy
🧑‍🎓 Quick learner
🎯 Laser focused. When I am my true self

Currently expanding my skills and services to relaunch with a whole new drive and purpose around recovery and mental wellbeing 🙏

I have a burning desire to be the version of me that I am proud of. I can feel it in my chest ❤️‍🔥

I will not be beaten by addiction. Myself, my family and anyone I can help deserves so much more than that 😤

👍 Likes 👍
➡️ Digital marketing
➡️ Content creation
➡️ Planning
➡️ Learning
➡️ Exercising (when I’m in zone)
➡️ Cooking
➡️ Salsa
➡️ Chess
and table tennis